The Renew Program

The Renew Program is designed to assist 11th and 12th grade youth and young adults with the “soft skills” needed to obtain and, importantly, retain a job.

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Renew program participants attend classes and recieve mentorship in the soft skills needed to work effectively in the contemporary workplace. This includes listening and speaking skills, professional dress and demeanor, effective interviewing, including mock interviews, and interview follow-up protocols. The program also assists with resume writing.

Through the program participants have the opportunity to attend presentations and seminars on the types of jobs that are available in complex but growing industries such as health care, tourism and hospitality, education, sports management, and technology.

The Missions Center for Workforce Development assists Renew participants in job placement and remains available for counseling and mentorship through the first year on the job to ensure job retention. Renew program alumni also meet regularly to share their experiences and form a mutually supportive network both for job retention and for new job opportunities.

The Renew program works closely with the Missions' Catholic Social Ministries to ensure that participants and their families have access to any necessary social services to support to ensure consistency of participation and a smooth transition to stable employment.

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Fill out the form below to apply to the Renew Program, or download the pdf application to send in to the Center for Workforce Development.

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Terms of Agreement

By signing this agreement, I have decided to make a commitment to make the effort in becoming the best version of myself. I agree to be held accountable in my actions by a representative of the Edmundite Missions. I trust that through this program, I will develop useful materials that will assist in my personal growth especially in the development of job skills. I agree to invest in this program with my time and efforts. I acknowledge that the following will be expected of me:

  • I will show up to the scheduled classes.
  • I will be on time.
  • I will have a positive attitude and will encourage others.
  • I will not cast judgement on anyone participating in the class.
  • If there is a conflict and I am unable to attend a session, I will let the manager of the program know at least one day in advance. If this is to occur, I will provide a legitimate excuse for the absence.

Upon completion of this program, I will take the next step either through employment, education, or an entrepreneurial venture.

Upon completion of this program, I would be willing to be a part of an alumni network and will be open to coming back as a guest speaker for a future class.

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