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In partnership with the Catholic Sisters Initiative of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Edmundite Missions has created the Hilton Culinary Arts Entrepreneurship Institute. The goal of the Institute is to provide business training and food preparation training to budding entrepreneurs who wish to create or grow their food-based enterprises. The skills-based training program is being implemented in partnership with Catholic Charities Omaha which provides its proven curriculum and experienced instructors.

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Training includes skills and tips on:

  • Establishing a business
  • Markets and marketing for your products
  • Cost analysis and cost containment to maintain quality and increase profitability
  • Setting prices within a market

Microbusiness Support & Grant Funding

The Institute is more than a training program. It provides participants with access to experts and mentors who can help a microbusiness grow.

The Institute also includes a grants fund. Those who complete the course and who have compelling business and marketing plans can apply for small grants to create or expand their businesses. The application process includes a personal presentation to a “pitch panel” of business executives and financial experts, both helping to select winning grantees but also providing participants with personal feedback and suggestions for business marketing improvement. Grant awardees are also assigned a mentor who will provide advice over the ensuing year.

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