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The Center for Workforce Development is an initiative of Edmundite Missions. 

Beyond its presence as an employer, purchaser and provider of goods and services, the Missions has created a series of programs with direct objectives for workforce development. 

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For 85 years Edmundite Missions has been a natural force in the Selma economy and that of surrounding rural areas. Today, the Missions employs 50 full and part time staff members, with jobs ranging from basic kitchen and maintenance work up to MA and Ph.D. level managers. The direct and multiplier effect into the Selma economy is estimated to be between $15 and $20 million per year.


About Edmundite Missions

Edmundite Missions has been serving the men, women and children living in poverty-stricken communities throughout the Deep South since 1937. Through our ministry, we meet immediate needs by providing food, clothing and shelter for thousands of people. We also exemplify service to solutions by offering mentorship, apprenticeships and educational programs for youth and adults, providing a pathway towards self-reliance.

Guided today by our mission statement and the faithfulness of our donors, we continue our work of addressing the extreme poverty prevalent within the Deep South while imparting a sense of dignity to each and every person we serve.

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Our Mission

As a Catholic organization, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we provide food, clothing and shelter to poor and marginalized children and families, young adults and seniors of all faith traditions to meet their immediate needs while addressing the long term issues of systemic poverty in the Deep South.

Our Motto, instilled by our founder the late Father Frank Casey, S.S.E., resonates today: “Do the best we can, with what little we have, to serve those most in need.”

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